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Full-Service Velux Window Installation In Ireland

Short of a full-scale renovation, property owners have few options when they want more space or an updated look. The easiest fix isn’t a full-scale renovation — it’s natural sunlight and sleek, stylish windows.

Over the last 75 years, the Velux brand has become synonymous with quality, style, and function. The Velux product line features a range of traditional skylights, roof windows, and access windows to suit any home and business. They’re the simplest, fastest, and cost-effective way to make the most of daylight, fresh air, and existing spaces.

Velux balcony roof windows let property owners bring the outdoors in or expand their indoor living space in seconds. Installation is fast and can add thousands to the property value.

Velux skylights and top-hinged roof windows offer panoramic views with energy efficiency in mind.


Velux windows aren’t just a home investment — they’re also an investment in your overall wellbeing.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Velux windows when compared to traditional skylights, promote efficient ventilation, reducing the amount of air-born allergens, contaminants, and condensation, so occupants can breathe easier.

A More Beautiful Space

Velux windows are specifically designed to let in as much light as possible without detracting from the existing appearance, making the space appear more open, clean, and stylish.

A Natural Mood Booster

Natural light is proven to uplift mood, improve focus, and boost quality-of-life.

A Better Way To Save

More natural light means lower lighting bills. What’s more, Velux windows’ insulation keeps heat in, meaning energy savings even during those cold winter months.


Niall McDonagh provides expert roofing design, supply, and installation services to homeowners and commercial businesses across Ireland.

Conservation roof windows

Ideal for period-style properties and perfect for Galway’s historic homes and buildings. Conservation roof windows model traditional skylights and provide plenty of natural light without detracting from the structural character.

Centre-pivot roof windows

Centre-pivot roof windows are Velux’s most popular and versatile design, ideal for roof pitches between 15° and 90°. Property owners can enjoy filtered passive ventilation without opening, or full ventilation and easy cleaning by rotating the window.

Roof terraces

Roof terraces allow property owners to take advantage of their outdoor living space even with sloped roofs. Ideal for loft conversions or self-builds, this system allows access to the outdoors without taking away from the property’s appearance.

Smoke ventilation systems

Velux smoke ventilation systems make properties more comfortable and comply with safety requirements. Designed for sloping roofs between 15 and 90°, this product features a built-in motor that opens windows to 85° in less than one minute.

CABRIO balconies

Velux CABRIO balconies were made with loft conversions in mind. Windows look like traditional skylights when closed but convert to a small balcony in seconds. It’s the best way to get the most out of smaller spaces.

Combining roof windows

Combining Velux roof windows lets in twice the natural light while offering a gorgeous panoramic view. Velux roof windows can be extended by installing another sloped window, making this an excellent option for properties with pitched roofs that connect to the floor.

Fire Escape & Top-Hung Roof Windows

Top-hung roof windows are simple, easy, elegant, and one of the best ways to enjoy more natural light and views. Ideal for loft conversions with roof windows and roof pitches between 15° and 55° and for fire escapes.

Flat roof kerbs

Flat Roof Kerbs gives property owners the versatility to choose their preferred Velux roof window, including installing pitched roof windows in flat roofs. The 19° angle drains water and dirt so windows stay cleaner longer.

Combination Flashings

Combi-flashings transform any space by providing a complete panoramic experience and allowing maximum sunlight. The modular system ensures fast and easy skylight installation, no matter how many there are.

Integra electric roof windows

Velux Integra electric roof windows offer the highest level of comfort and convenience. Property owners can easily open and close windows, blinds, and shutters with the pre-paired wall switch in seconds.

We are a Certified 5-Star Velux Window Installer

Few services providers have the technical knowledge and abilities to install Velux windows due to their size and dimensions, and those that do are costly.

But with Niall McDonagh and his team of IRATA certified technicians, installing Velux windows is not only possible – but can be done rapidly and with minimal disruption. Rope access is also less expensive than traditional installation techniques, so property owners can enjoy a million-dollar view without the million-dollar price tag.


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