Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

On the agreed date and time we will carry out a roof inspection, where we check: chimney pots, stone work, slates, tiles, valleys, guttering, ridging and coping stones, basically anything that could be the source of a problem with your roof.

We will advise of any risks from material falling or blowing off, and highlight any areas that may be a cause for concern or a possible source of a leak.

We provide you with a pictorial report, showing the extent of any damages to your property, along with a quote for getting them repaired. No work will proceed until you’re fully happy with the quote that we have provided.

Your Roof Inspection Report:

We will provide you with a pictorial report showing the extent of any damage done or any hidden dangers along with a quote to fix these. Any small fixes can be done on the day after consulting with you the customer to ensure that it’s okay to proceed.

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