Re-Roofing an Existing House

Here are the before and after photos of the re-roofing of a house in Recess, Connemara, Co Galway.
We removed the original slate, ridge tiles and timber battens. Inspected the structural roof timbers for any rot or decay. A Ampatop Protecta plus highly breathable roofing membrane was used over the rafters which introduced a 50mm ventilation void to keep air moving under the slates with 35mm cross ventilation. This improves the life span of the roof slate and roof structure as it reduces condensation on the back of the slate. Wind tightness of the roofing membrane was essential to stop the wind entering the attic, this was achieved by taping the vertical and horizontal joints of the Ampatop Protectecta plus roofing membrane by using a Ampacoll XT60 tape which was supplied by Partel Passive building Supplies.
The slate is a Tegral Thrutone-plus, Blue black in colour.
The centre valley is a Kaliko flat roof membrane which is return up the roof 350mm to allow heavy down pours and a build up of snow, all joints are fully hot air welded to give the perfect water seal.