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Galway County Council Chambers

In 2020, Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access were tasked with removing the increasing buildup of ivy and plant matter from Galway County Council Chambers in Galway. Years of uninterrupted plant growth were beginning to affect the visibility through windows, as well as the general look of the building.

Challenges and Restrictions Faced

  • Moving hazards like pedestrians, workers, cyclists, and vehicle traffic that warranted extra caution
  • No access to the building facade because of the inability to use Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or scaffolding to reach the work area
  • Ensuring there was minimal disruption to business and operations at Galway County Council Chambers while repair work was active
  • Gathering and transportation of waste such that it didn’t affect pedestrians or traffic below, and was also re-routed to not go through the building

Service Provided

The team first created a specialized access solution to allow technicians access to all required locations in a safe and efficient manner. To bypass the constraints faced in reaching the walls, the technicians used an ‘A’ frame dead weight trolley system.

One of the key challenges faced by the team was to ensure minimal disruptions to business and operations, especially since there were important meetings being held in the top floor offices, and no noise was permitted. Despite these restrictions, the project was completed on time with no disruptions to the staff working inside.

An estimated 300 kg of green waste was removed from the walls, packaged, and transported off the premises with no debris left behind.

All Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) guidelines were followed, along with clear and precise documentation throughout the process.


All success metrics were met.

  • The project was completed on time and on budget
  • No disruptions to the staff of the building
  • 100% safety record with zero incidents
  • Low cost to the client
  • No damage to the building

Duration of project:

1 day, 24 man-hours

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